Austin Animal Center

Outlines of my Notebook

  • Introduction


As I was looking through hundreds of datasets from,, I happen to stumble on an animal shelter data from the Austin Animal Center in Texas.

It quickly took my attention away as I am a huge fan of animals and I can’t help but to choose this dataset for my Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) for this course project. This animal shelter data can be taken directly from the but I downloaded the dataset from Kaggle instead,

In this EDA…

My objective for this project, is to create a simple website which focuses on design consistency & easy-maintenance. I will only use HTML and CSS on this project hence, there is no focus on additional functionality on the webpage.

You can view my full project on my GitHub account —

This simple web design is based on the famous Yves Saint Laurent cosmetic brand and all images/video/audio sources solely belongs to the rightful owner.

In this story, I will be explaining my HTML & CSS code. You can use any available text editor to code. …

Sammi Chia Li

I am Sammi Chia Li, currently 19 years old in Year 2021, a Year 1 Degree in Data Science student in a University College in Malaysia.

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